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Discuss your current limitations, goals, and what you have or have not tried. If we are a good fit, let's schedule that first visit and get you on the path to recovery.


Let a Mojo Physical Therapist watch how you move, determine the best treatment interventions, and create a plan to reach your goals.

Evaluations With Mojo PT

1 HR/week with mojo

Assessing progress, building upon exercises, providing any manual therapy required  (i.e., dry needling, graston, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, etc.), and sending you home with new exercises as needed!

20-30 min/day at home

Practicing and working on your individualized exercise routine to get stronger and one step closer in reaching your goal. All with the support and avaliability of a Mojo Physica Therapists to answer any questions or difficulties you may have.

Mojo Physical Therapy Runner


Integrating back into your normal life without fear, restrictions, or limitations!

what we do

What happens after an injury? No need to limit yourself from your full potential. Injuries often are the result of a dysfunction. Time to start looking at your injury, look at your movement patterns, and find the cause of the problem. Treat the injury and dysfunction for a healthier, more functional you.

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