Frequently asked questions:

What do i need for day 1?

Come 5 minutes early for paperwork, wear comfortable clothing, and get excited to achieve your goals!

WHAT IF I've tried physical therapy?

Each Physical Therapist has their own skills, education, and specialties. It's good to talk through your options with multiple practitioners to ensure you have the right fit for you.

what payment options do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Quickbooks Online Bank Transfer, Zelle, Cash, Check.

why pay for service?

Standard insurance companies have increased premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. For outpatient physical therapy, insurance companies limit reimbursement rates for in-network clinics. This outdated model leaves PT clinics scrambling to fit in as many patients as possible in order to increase their profit margins, and it leaves you paying high dollar for limited time with your therapist. Going to pay for service or out-of-network facility allows you to spend the time you need with your therapist without interruptions or requirements based on insurance. There are no surprise bills in the mail from insurance copmanies, it puts you as the client in control. Even better than being in control, you are treated as people in healthcare in a space they are comfortable in, with complete attention by a physical therapist.

can i still use my insurance?

Mojo can be submitted to your insurance to apply to your out-of-network policy, if your plan allows it. Often, it is less costly for patients with high deductible plans. Contact Mojo PT with questions regarding this topic!